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Flip the Classroom


flipped classroomI love the idea of flipping the classroom as a way of focusing my time with students on higher level learning.  Adopting this student-centered approach will require re-thinking the use of in-and-out of class time and assessments.  The article How to Create Assessments for the Flipped Classroom referenced the layer 3 worksheet as practical format for preparing students to come to class with the foundational information already in mind.  By taking the learning outcomes and addressing what can occur before, during and after class, and how it would be best approached, it becomes clearer to see how I can move from the teacher-centered approach of delivering most of the content.

Having a format to guide me in flipping the classroom is helpful. I don’t want to lose necessary information, but rather  provide it in a different manner.  Through the use of articles, short recorded lecture PowerPoints and videos offered ahead of class time, I can turn my focus to the activities and assignments that bring the learning to life and create a lab in the classroom. Follow up activities for reflection – which are often best done outside of class to avoid distractions and let the student control the pace – can be done after class.

Processes like the 3 layer worksheet assist me to flip the classroom with a greater sense of confidence and enthusiasm.  The student’s time on each subject is limited, and I want to make the most of each learning opportunity.